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Association Committees

Strength in Numbers

While elected officers and building representatives do much to advance the mission of the Somers Faculty Association, our strength comes from the participation of our members.  Committee members make great contributions to our Association.

Updated May 2022

Committees: About

Audit Committee

Erik Tetro (Chair)
Dina Miller (SMS) 
Crystal Regulbuto- (PES)
Stacey Jacobson (SIS)
Joseph Savastano (SMS)
Sid Soni (SHS)

Grievance Committee

Kathy Kane (PES) Chair
Lou Adanuncio (PES)
Julie Witkiewicz (SIS)
Christina Sweeney (SMS)
Stephanie Catania (SHS)
Chris Kollarus (SHS)

Negotiations Committee

Jake Ringer (SIS) Chair

Alison Genez (PES)

Kim Laurie (PES)



Ellen Bieber (SMS)


John Fleck (SHS)

Colleen Sheehy (SHS)

Scholarship Committee

Brenda O’Shea (SHS) Chair
Lindsay Cannone (SHS)
Elizabeth Agostino (SHS)
Chris Kollarus (SHS)

Nominations Committee

Doreen Stoeker (SHS) Chair
Crystal Regulbuto (PES)
Nicole Secor (PES)
Carmela Harris (SIS)
Kay-Lynn Jacobellis (SIS)
Darleen Esposito (SMS)
Randy Hauser (SMS)
Steve Carroll (SHS)
Tara Kearns (SHS)
Mary Seabolt (SHS)

Teacher Evaluation Committee

Brenda O’Shea (SHS) Chair
Lauren Bello (PES)
Deanne Chin (PES)
Samantha Berg (PES)
Pat Sheehy (PES)
Lindsay Merchant (SIS)
Curtis Dell (SMS)
Deborah Kilmer (SMS)
Dina Miller (SMS)
Kristie Costaldo (SHS)

Vote COPE Committee

Dean Schuler (SHS) Chair
Sue Kearney (PES)
Jen Hill (SIS)
Lara Davidson (SIS)
Deb Safarty (SMS)
Rachel Malara (SMS)
Caitlyn Gallucci (SHS)

SFA Trust Fund Committee

Alison Genez (PES) - Chair
Michele Rabasco (SIS) - Trustee
Catherine Jelinek (SMS) - Trustee
Monica Manko (SMS) - Treasurer
Laura Vegliante (SHS) - Secretary
Joan Cass (SHS) - Trustee

Food Bank Coordination

Nancy Hannon (PES) Chair
Rachele Lopatka (PES)
Kailyn Reifenhauser (PES)
Carolyn Grodio (SIS)
Jesse Arnett (SMS)
Mike McDonnell (SHS)

Social Committee

Lynn Stepkoski

 Brenda O'Shea (SHS)

Beth Monteleone

Committees: List
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